** harsh reality

randomly thinking
where do i think i’m going
lost but still yearning
the times i felt like i know what i’m doing

now everywhere seems nowhere
just blankly giving a stare
fully clothed yet i’m bare
fully awake yet i’m still not aware

where shall all this will lead me
partly i really want to disagree
i question with great intensity
shall i go back to my sanity

some wanted something
with great pride they are telling
with great entitlement they are feeling
yet are we doing the best of everything

given every chances
stepping every circumstances
yet we are guarded with so many fences
and only showing part of our brances

is this how it should be
we chose what we see
and always thought of me and me
yes this is just part of a harsh reality

as time goes by
as rivers go dry
as children can no longer cry
in a place where we are just passers by

we long for everything
we seek for something
we demand for anything
yet we have done nothing

to Him who gives us everything
we always disregard His meaning
reasons build and we seem to always be contending
just to win the material things we’ve been longing


** hidden thoughts

i felt the coldness in the wind
the frown i want to bend
the wound i want to mend
hope it will not last til eternity
the signs of vulgarity
else I’ll just have to hide in animosity

words are put into hidden
with deeper meaning it has been laden
with what is happening, hope it’s not a bad omen
some find it anew
but good is what has been considered by few
and others they can’t even chew

just can’t help but see
the clarity has appeared unto me
and it cannot be hidden even on a tall tree
just a feeling of sensitivity
as if i was pulled by a gravity
on the events i felt the connectivity

was left with only but hope
a glimpse of the solution i can grope
thinking of this but to elope
and hide from misery
so to escape from this adversity
and sigh and wake up only to find that it is reality….


An article I wrote before I left company A, just got the time to post it somehow.
Brian is a book lover
Fiction is his interest as what I can remember
He is our web master

Jan may have chinky eyes
And has a strong family ties
That’s why he is well loved in every girl’s eyes

Junray; my first impression, he’s a silent river
But the silent river turns out to be a history maker
When he became a Miss AccountMate member

Elijah says he is like Go Jun Pyo
It may be because of his hairdo
But no, he is more of a cartoon character
And not like Go Jun Pyo who is a weirdo

Gio is DEV’s kuya
He has the same character as Valentin Carillo
Word of advice
You should already marry your Ma. Consuelo 🙂

Wilbert has a lot of ideas
Funny, serious; he can create it fast
He is an animal lover
From fishes to dogs, he shows his tender

Amelin is a home buddy
You may see that she is trying to get ready
The next level in life and that is to marry (hehe)

Rhea knows how to captivate every man’s heart
Girly is the best word you can describe her
Veges is not what she likes instead meat is her booster

Cathy’s voice in the office may be loud
But working with her makes you proud
Reminder is just to take note of her every word

Christine may be a silent type
But shocked occur to Kent
During the Miss AccountMate pageant

Johanne; she’s always smiling
I still could remember the 1 whole chicken
We eat it even

Jeffrey may be a shy guy
But he has great intelligence
An issue can be solve with just 1 try

Emmy is like my ‘ate’
We have a lot of similarity
A friend and mentor is what she is to me

Sharon is my eating partner
We may be in a room on a different corner
But we are common in our laughter

Charmaine has charms
You’ll never be in harm
Because when she’s near she’s warm

Steph is great in organizing
She may not be a graduate of accounting
You’ll never know because she’s coping to what she’s doing

Lau is one my AccountMate’s best friend
She just listens especially when I talk about family, problem and friend
She’s great in cooking and so soft spoken

Mabel; I still could remember the margarita that we’re drinking
It bothers us both while she was driving
I will surely miss our short talking

Rodolfo is a person who reminds me of something
That it’s good to be ‘young’ (at heart, hehe) and enjoying
Seeing him, I just can’t help but laughing

Rolem; a person who is outgoing
He is also late even if it’s outing
He can easily sleep but is snoring

Kent they said you’re a Michael V look alike (di na daw makita imo liog Kent -> ingon cla, hehe)
Could remember your bike so you may be a good biker
Not to doubt you’re also a great beer drinker

Rose; I miss our ukay2 buying
The badminton sometime on a Saturday we are playing
And after, the CNT lechon that we’re eating; now I know why I’m gaining

Mahal is small but terrible
You can’t assume that she’s ‘double’ (married; buot2 lang jud ko ani)
And now, I’m still having difficulty saying your name Mahalaleel

thank you…

it may be too late to say
it may be too late to realized
thank you for being so proud of me
thank you for giving me life
i may not be the best daughter you have
and never showed and let you feel the best care
sorry for being so rude and stupid at times
as what i have said before “i don’t care what other people say, just to let let you know that we always thought of you”
but thank you for letting me release my anger
and have it replaced with the care i should have showed to you before
God is so good
there is always an end to a suffering
from war to become peace
from hate to be replaced with care and love
we may have not showed it to you before
but we hope that it was not too late either
we will miss you and wherever you go
we are always here for you as your family
we will be the dream that you want to come true
be the success that you aimed to
i may not be there for you when you bid goodbye
but my care will be there for you
you will serve as my inspiration
thank you Pa for showing me and letting me dreamed in this world
wherever you go i know that you will always look at us
thank you…..

…A Reflection…

On a breezy night I think
I couldn’t even sleep with just one blink
I wonder why
I just wanted to cry

Am I just too selfish?
And just consider my life in tarnish
Or am I too weary?
And failed to consider that it is bloomy

I tried to reflect
And think of the things I neglect
It makes me sad
And to myself I became mad

I know that my decisions are not agreeable
To this, I should be liable
I just wanted to know
How far will I ever go?

There is something that you don’t know
The negativities I have faced it though
I just kept it to myself and hide
But I am weak, the unconstructive events I cannot abide

Sometimes you may see me smiling
But deep inside me is bleeding
Don’t know the exact reason
That is why I am making this tragic decision

Even in writing I cannot conceal
The loneliness I deal
I wish you all well
And hope that you’ll not be affected the problems and difficulties I feel


Dream on….
This has been the word that opposes the word contentment
As we all say, the most constant thing in this world is change
Together with this long and winding road of change
Is the uncertainty of the fact of being contented.
As we change, our dreams becomes bigger
As we all grow up, realization of our dreams has been wider and clearer
But never had we decided to be contented of what we have
Never had we decided to stop and think and take and embrace what we have
It’s because, as we stop dreaming we seemed to connect it with the fact that life will also stop
That when we be contented of what we have, then our life will just be like a glass full of water that no one had ever drink
If we are contented then what a boring life would it be
As you step towards the realization of your dream
You should stop, think and listen to what is happening on your surroundings
Never be contented as they all say, but might as well think what are the consequences laid on towards the dream you ever wanted
Who knows the place you are right now might be the best place your life would ever be…


When will anger be healed and replaced with love
When will suffering be stopped and ruled by calmness
When will sadness suppressed by happiness

How could silver be turn to gold?
How can poor become rich?
How can one take in suffering?

What becomes of being injusticed?
What is a person without happiness?
What’s a life in pain?

Then; only time could tell
Coz time is an unending rhythm
And no one will ever knew what will happen when life turns the clock of time