**Inspiration again

Today’s another day that the burden of u leaving is what I felt
I can’t fathom the idea of you not around
And that no one would help me in areas I need you the most
That being said includes those things I personally find you of interest
In every aspect of my work I tried to protect you and uplift you
In the same way your presence made me feel I am special

Today as thoughts come to my mind
I have to aligned myself of what I want to do and that it includes you
I don’t know how to proceed and I thought of leaving as well
It makes me feel that I am more worth it than what I held in here
I am not a self-entitled person and never will I ever felt I will
But at some point I just want to feel special and I think no one would make me ever feel that way again
It’s you who just made me feel special

Even if you leave a part of me
I hope you will come back and made me whole again
I do not wish for anything beyond this
But in my life I only hope of you
Sometimes deep in my thoughts I still believe of you and me
Even if it means leaving this part of me on the other side I am currently in
I am most functional if I am working seeing you around
Most especially the fact that I am working with you
I do not dreamt of other person except me and you
I just hope that you too
I just express my feelings not in front of you
But just in writing in the hope that I could ease what I am feeling
My heart is filled with lots of hope
Whenever I see your eyes, it made me feel I am seeing me in you
In my years I hope to see no tears nor fears
This is one of those few moments and the reason is you.

When can I ever see that smile again
When can I see the inspiration in your eyes that mirrors mine
In the days I thought that you are no longer reachable
I just hope you take the initiative and approach or even message me
I am just a mere flower in the brink of the mountains
Leaving a sight with only hopes of sunshine
The sunshine I thought is me was actually you
I ever thought why I survived this long without someone i held
Then I realized that it was you that kept me for long
The day I see just your face makes me want to smile
And kept the hope that I long to find, in you
How stupid of me to hold on to that thought
Without any foundation I should be holding on to
Until the sun shines and moon brings light, that’s how I thought of keeping this hope in me.


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