I wish to go back to those days were life was simple and I feel no heavy loads on my shoulder. 
I can write a hundred or thousand words of wisdom, experiences I learned thru the years. 
I matured early and carry loads of responsibility. 
Yet sometimes because of these responsiblities, we feel worn out, tired and completely and unknowingly unable to recognize ourselves anymore. 
There are a lot of “if only” with no other options left. 
But what if the only option to be done is what you have done, and the best option is to sacrifice yourself for the greater good. 
Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t have sacrificed myself because I just don’t know how to be me anymore. 
To be me or you is recognizing your needs, wants, longings, ambitions, likings and goals without thinking others. 
I feel that I always put myself last in all aspects of my life.
I like someone or something but I kept on denying to myself because I feel that I am not worthy for them. 
I completely degrade my value and I don’t know how to fix it.
I have gone so far, and while others are escaping life’s responsibility, here I am facing it head on.
Completely forgetting that I have a life of my own.


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