Something and Reason

As cheesy as it may seem but who cares, LOL

This is where coincidences cross my path
I saw you from afar, me being the busy lady
Walk right in front of you with your breakfast buddies
I felt awkward but I smile and walk fast

Days passed and I feel like bugging you
For non-sense works I can cancel but I don’t want to
I messaged you and you attended me with eagerness
My heart jumped and I felt like I am special

You had lunched with your teammates
While I had lunch with my only lunch buddy
Awkwardness again enveloped me
But i noticed you glanced at me

You invited us to sit next to you
But I am shy and uneasy too
So we stayed where we are
But then again I saw you throwing glances at us

I don’t know why but there’s a certain unexplainable joy
That was the second time I caught you glancing at me
I am a very low key and timid person
Yet my heart wants to rejoice at that moment

I can’t contain my smile and happiness
It was the smile I wear for how many days and weeks
I bothered you again for things that only you can do
You were busy and never attended me

The day after, I am a bit sad and lonely
But you said sorry for things that you haven’t done for me
I was speechless because you remembered me asking you
I felt like you put emphasis on things I ask of you

There was a meeting and I saw you seated on the same row
You bend yourself and intentionally looked at me
Was it me or I really saw you did that
I noticed you doing that more than once

We ate lunch and you were on the opposite table
I hate you because you deliberately seat opposite me
You look at me wilfully with your colleague on the same table
I hate it coz I don’t know what to do and I felt so anxious

One morning I went to ask a colleague of yours
You saw me and approached me asking why I was there
Explaining with my expressive face
You left, and I saw you throwing glances at me while you talked to your colleagues standing knowingly

Before you were so moody and blue
When I ask you something I felt like you want me to go away
I don’t know why but I still like you though
During those times I felt like you are a girl having those periods

But all along you are special to me
You may not know but that’s what I felt
The first time I saw you, I know that you made my heart leap
My lips smile and fill my life with inspiration

I noticed now, when I ask of your help
You are so attentive with chairs prepared
And when I stand at my back
I felt like you stare at me for a moment or so

You are so obvious now
I felt like even if I am not the intended recipient
You purposely asked and sent the email to me
Hope you may not be too obvious for my colleague to notice

Every day when I go back home
I hope to have you as my company
To talk casually and tell a few stories or so
To smile awkwardly but yet unknowingly

With all these, I just want to tell you
Please tell me if you want to say something
Please approach me and let me not feel so anxious about anything
Please tell me how you feel coz I guess it means everything

I sleep with you on my mind and in my dream
I sleep with a smile and inspired as it may seem
I wake up to go to work with a smile and a heart full of joy
Indeed, you are the reason I stayed, and now I know why


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