** harsh reality

randomly thinking
where do i think i’m going
lost but still yearning
the times i felt like i know what i’m doing

now everywhere seems nowhere
just blankly giving a stare
fully clothed yet i’m bare
fully awake yet i’m still not aware

where shall all this will lead me
partly i really want to disagree
i question with great intensity
shall i go back to my sanity

some wanted something
with great pride they are telling
with great entitlement they are feeling
yet are we doing the best of everything

given every chances
stepping every circumstances
yet we are guarded with so many fences
and only showing part of our brances

is this how it should be
we chose what we see
and always thought of me and me
yes this is just part of a harsh reality

as time goes by
as rivers go dry
as children can no longer cry
in a place where we are just passers by

we long for everything
we seek for something
we demand for anything
yet we have done nothing

to Him who gives us everything
we always disregard His meaning
reasons build and we seem to always be contending
just to win the material things we’ve been longing


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