** Outlets…

If you’re far from your family there are always times you think of going back because the feeling of homesickness is kicking in your senses over again.  I have felt that, not just once, twice but countless times.  I know it’s not only me but hundrends or even thousands of OFWs who are away from their families, friends, loved ones and enemies (chos, hehe). The feeling of Christmas songs playing on malls but the spirit of Christmas is not just there.  You want to do a teleport just to experience the fun of Christmas back home but you’re also worried to see your neighbors, relatives, long distance relatives, your inaanaks, pamangkins and even your not so close friends who are asking gifts or pasalubong from you not just because it’s Christmas but because you’re a balikbayan and you smell like bucks.  Kidding aside but this has been a reality to some if not most but maybe not me, thank God.  Christmas and New Year is never the same in pinas, it’s always fun, enjoyable and enjoyable.  I missed it this year but I do hope that I could spend it in Pinas the next years to come.

Going back to my topic, as an OFW, you tend to look for lots of outlets just to cure homesickness.  Sometimes you join clubs, events you don’t even like hoping that you would love it someday.  You get to grab all outing opportunities as long as it’s On the Budget and if time permits.  Oh yeah, all these in the name of curing homesickness, oh well good if you have your close friends and family with you coz they would be your outlet.

As for me, I’ve never been happier after finding my nightly outlet and dose of my favorite series.  I do watch a replay of it every night and never had skipped, or maybe yes, since July and imagine until now..  It’s not a drama series by the way, it’s a local pinoy series and yeah they have been in the mainstream for 6 months as of this writing.  Call me addicted but who cares it’s my dose of happiness and laughter every night.  It does cure boredom as well as pissed off times.  I’ve noticed myself to be different from before, not moody, always forgiving and understanding.  If this was the result of watching this kalog serye, who wouldn’t want to continue right, especially if you are far away from home.  I’m not gonna mention the serye or the team up but, yeah, well, I admit I am a fan. Do find your happiness as well, coz it’s a really good feeling. LOL, this is me when i watch it. 😀