**A driver’s journey

It was one tiring Tuesday evening when I was battling deep inside whether to take a cab or take the bus. I was reasoning deep within me that I am so tired thus I need to take a cab and I should treat myself once for a cab ride. The other side of me is saying that I am on a tight budget.

Taking a cab won and thus I go straight to the taxi stand of the hospital where my office was. There was no queue and thus I took the incoming cab. I told him my direction and with a smile he responded, “would you mind giving me the postal code mam” and so I did told him and he said that he don’t want to trouble me for I might be using my phone. This has been the trend because of technology and the easy access to internet.

And so our journey begins, he asked me if I’m from Myanmar coz I look like one and so he thought he offended me, so I said it’s fine I am used to being mistaken as Malaysian, Indonesian, Cambodian, Thai but I really am a Filipino and my face is just a typical Asian so I was fine with that.

He shared that he was once a retired seafarer and had a stop over in Cebu and stayed at Hilton Hotel. He retired but need to work as a cab driver for his wife who has brain cancer coz he needs to send him for a chemotherapy everyday for 400sgd per session. I was astounded by his words and asked who took care of his wife. He has a helper from Iloilo who stayed with them for 17 years, the lady never married for fear of money milking, if there’s such a term, from men back in her hometown. She’s taken wherever they go and eat the same kind of food, I salute him for his kindness. Our talk became so interesting that he almost send me to the wrong address.

When we reached my destination, without thinking I told him that I’m hoping for his wife to be well. He stopped for a sudden, as he was about to give me my change, and told me that he appreciates me for giving those kind of word to a stranger and said that from the time I approached his cab he knew that his passenger was a kind lady.

Right then and there I knew that I was an instrument of God to give uncle (this is how they call older man) a compassionate and a listening ear.

I was in awe and inspired by his love for his wife and kindness to everyone he meets despite his adversity. I pray that his wife will be healed in Jesus name. Seldom can you see a person who has a problem and his face bears not at all. Instead, he has a pleasing personality that leads you to talk in all honesty.

And that ends my cab journey….