** Childhood Memories – my P4

Can u still remember your childhood days??
Do you miss those days, those memories and friends??

Well admit it at times we imagine how nice it would be to be young again. All you need to think is eat, play and sleep. Who wouldn’t enjoy childhood when we have all the laughter when we play with our messy noisy friends. We never thought of any problem except the school’s homework. We never thought of any solution except to play in the sun and rain. We need not worry about anything and everything.

Those are the days when our TV is a box-typed with no remote control that you need to twist just to change the channel, but now we all have the plasma, LCD or touch screen TV. Those are the days when we need to share with siblings or even friends just to be able to play brick game/game boy/playstations; yet now smart phones has all the games you can name. Those are the days when we used tin can in playing street games with all our messy face and hair yet we don’t even care and bother. Those are the days that we don’t have internet and we spent most of our time with our neighbours, friends and families but now, we spend most of our time using our phones even in front of our friends, boyfriend/girlfriend and families.

Remember that time when cassette tapes and VHS tapes used to listen to music and watch movie/video; now youtube can do both. Ever heard of Macarena while singing and dancing along with the tune? How about singers like Mandy Moore, Britney Spears, Christina Aguillera or Backstreet boys.

Do you also remember autographs or slum books as a remembrance of your classmates before graduation thinking that you’ll never see each other again. How about eating sweets like white rabbit and lollipops.

Who would forget the cartoon/anime/disney movies/series like mickey mouse, tom and jerry, astro boy, power rangers, captain planet and the planeeters,spiderman series, powepuff girls, Digimon, lion king and pokemon. Til this day I still like Mulan that even I watched it a couple of times, I would never get bored at it. Do you have the Archie comics? I may not have but I still could remember my classmates saving penny for it.

Now that we’ve grown up, we still long to be child again. We collect toys, cars, barbie dolls, stuff toys we never have before. We sometimes buy these things to bring back old memories or to please oneself of something we long and never had before.

We tend to queue for the famous hello kitty or incredibles toy at McDonalds, some may even had a fight.

I still remember that time I went to the cinema to watch the cartoon movie Brave, and I so like it and even laughed along with my friends 5yr old daughter.

We may have grown in age/numbers, in size or in height and even in weight, but we still have that yougness buried within us and waiting to be revealed in each passing day. It might be a good remembrance of who we once were and have been. You may be a 70s, 80s or 90s baby yet these childhood memories brings back those times that we’ll always be thankful of.