** The road towards personal development

Personal Development is what everyone wanted to attain, be it in the aspect of emotional, physical or mental.   Just recently I’ve had a lot of thoughts on how to deal with the stress of life.  I have the tendency to burst out my emotions especially if it is all filled up, thus affecting the people around me.  I know it is not easy but I have come to realized that if I can’t change a person, I need to change the way I handle or look at the situation or person.  We tend to question why is he like that or like this, he should not do this or do that, these questions keep on bogging me for long that I tend to question rather than answer.

I think I am on my way of learning how to better handle my emotions.  I’ve worked from three companies since I came to this place, why three I also don’t know why but it’s as if things happened so quickly.  I have resigned from the first company I’ve worked here because I feel that there is misjudgement on my part as well as biased treatments, not to elaborate more on it.  I’ve tried to moved on and worked my way to the second company, everything went so smoothly, I was happy with the people but deep inside I never entertained the thoughts that I was not happy with what I’ve been receiving.  It had errupted to a more crucial issue when suddenly they question something that they’ve given to me which they claimed is more than what I should have received.  During that time I felt the unfairness of the situation as well as the bursting out of my feelings.  I’ve decided on things without thinking, I’ve let my emotions ruled out more than my mind, so to sum it up, I gave up.

With all those lessons, I’ve started on my third work and began to attain personal development be it in work or at home.  Before I tend to mumble why is this person messy or things like that, but just this Saturday, there is this incident that change my whole outlook in controlling emotions.  I spent half of my day to volunteer for the election, went to run a few errands and went back home.  My housemate accidentally locked the house inside thus I am not able to get in which happened at around 2 to 3 in the afternoon, although I have with me my key.  I was so tired and was expecting to rest, but got a bit pissed off with the situation.  I tried to call my friend who was inside the house but is not contactable, thus I tried to call her husband and alas contactable but was somewhere.  I asked him to come over to remedy the situation and for more than half an hour at last I was able to get in, they feel so sorry for the situation.  With that incident, I just went inside my room with bursting feelings not nagging I just hear out their  apologies.  I did a lot of thinking and tried to battle out my emotions and for an hour I went out of my room and talked to my friend/housemate just saying her thoughts and me removing the frustrations.  At that point, I was so happy with myself that I was able to think and let friendship rule and not won over by my emotions and frustrations.

I’ve attended a training on 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, I know this had impacted me in ways I never had noticed.