5 Paths to Profound Happiness by Bo Sanchez – My P2 Speech

I have read a book entitled 5 Things You Need to Do Before You Die by Bo Sanchez, he summarizes what he thinks are the five paths to profound happiness. Points and information are taken from the book itself.

We all wanted to be happy, but being happy in its simplicity is a very complex word to achieve.

The 5 paths to profound happiness:
1. Celebrate who you are.
2. Live in your courage zone.
3. Put people before things
4. Enjoy life in the present moment
5. Sacrifice for something bigger than yourself.


1. Celebrate who you are.When we were young, we wanted to grow old because we wanted to be like someone we idolize, like Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey, the handsome Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise. We tend to compare ourselves to others and sometimes treat ourselves lower or perhaps a disappointment to our parents. In this part he emphasizes that we have our own talents, abilities and capabilities to be nurtured and nourished that if we only knew, we would become the best of who we are. We should not compare ourselves to others because we can always be a first rate version of ourselves, instead of a second rate version of somebody else.

2. Live in your courage zone.Bo references John Izzo’s survey to 235 people above the ages 59. They were asked what are their greatest regrets in life are.  Surprisingly the result is almost the same which is that they haven’t taken enough risks; they never pursue their dreams because of fear.It is said that we live in two different zones, courage and comfort zone. Comfort zone is what we are doing every day for our daily life survival. This is where tired, fear, depression comes in as a result of not taking the risk into doing something. Courage zone on the other hand is our belief, passion, dreams, confidence at times failure but there is also wealth, fulfilment and success. We should never focus on problems instead focus on possibilities. The problems will pull us down while the possibilities will push us up.

3. Put people before things, in reference to John Izzo’s survey, he also pointed out that the most painful regret is failure over relationships. In our world today, we have all the technology there is in the market that we tend to spend most of our time surfing the net or playing our phone rather than talking to our loved ones. We shouldn’t wait for tomorrow to build and mend relationships for tomorrow might be too late.

4. Enjoy life in the present moment. Human as we are, we tend to regret what had happened yesterday and worry what will happen tomorrow. Sometimes with this thinking, we ask ourselves; where did my life go, everything went by so quickly that we never realize what happened in an instant. During the 9/11 attack, there were survivors who shared their stories that they would have died if not because of small unnoticeable things in life. The key point is enjoy and live in our now, coz those small things that have happened today might be the reason why we have lived our tomorrow.

5. Sacrifice for something bigger than yourself. In this area, he wanted to point out that we shouldn’t do good because we expect something in return. We can do small things that might create big impact to someone else, who knows you may have save somebody else’s lives just by sharing life, love and laughter.

To summarize, the message is to Live fully. Live deliberately. Live passionately. Failure is not an act. Failure is a habit. If you think you are a failure then you will always be a failure.