** Catching my breath in between patience and frustration

I got caught in the middle of frustration and hesitation.
And realize that when people are willing there are a hundreds of reason to go
And a hundreds of reason not to
I dare not to say that there are limitations only if you try
Only then when you tried that you can say ‘I got caught up in the fire’
Don’t push the person on a thing that you want to accomplished
Do it on your own and find your own motivation
Another person will not accomplished of what you want to achieve
Else you will drive him nuts and found him in devastation
I found myself caught up in this obligation I shouldn’t be in
I was just a mere minority to be in this situation
If I only knew things would be thrown to me
Despite of whether I am in concern with or not
Never would have I pushed myself into this situation
Where words given is only me as an option