**My P1 Speech

Let me ask you this question, have you ever wondered why you become a nurse, doctor, great speaker or whatever you are right now?  Well I have, and for that I will talk about my journey on becoming an IT person.

In my early childhood days, I have always wanted to become a teacher.  A teacher because I wanted to be confident enough to speak in front of the people and teach children.  That ambition have gone gray especially during my sixth grade when my teacher happens to be very moody when coming to class, she scold and nag us to the point that everyone is afraid of her. And so I thought I just don’t want to become a teacher coz maybe teaching can be a miserable profession seeing it from her.

There comes a point that I wanted to become an artist because I was kind of amazed of how cartoon movies were made.  It was from a show on how these cartoon movies were created that captured my interest which were actually a bunch of drawing just to make the character move.  However that ambition never came to reality since there’s no cartoon show where you can see a one sided face only.

Having graduated on a year where Y2K bug become the talk in computer technology, I became curious on how these viruses were made.  Back in those secondary days, we were only taught of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Flowcharting or a step by step solution to a problem and who would forget were most exams was speed typing.

To cut the story short, a great opportunity came where an Information Technology course was offered from the scholarship program that I got which was my stepping stone to the world of IT.

I always thought of how unimportant accounting is to me. Not until I landed my first job, not only did I know debit and credit but balancing journals and even finding the cause of the issue for an unbalanced Year End Closing, I thought I’m going to drowned myself with all those numbers, so I have my great respect to  accountants on this area.

Looking back, never did it came to me to work in a hospital since I am afraid of needles.  Yet here I am, I have not developed a computer virus nor I a nurse in profession but I have been part of a company that developed accounting software and currently part of a team that enhances a Healthcare system.

Thank you and good evening.