** Run your Race – from Joel Osteen’s podcast

One fine Friday morning while going to work, i browsed through Joel Osteen’s podcast.  I was curious to the podcast’s Run your race.  in it was clearly explained that we cannot please everyone. If we can please someone then there might be some of those that are not happy with what you have, what you become or just by you.  You might be pleasing others but you end up miserable.  We should please God and not the people.  At the end of our every road we are still the only one who will face Him, and not that somebody whom we have pleased.  Live a life that pleases Him and not the people because if it is His will then no matter who and how big the boundaries are, His will will still be done.

Sometimes saying these things is easier than living it since our world has been molded to what humans want it to be.  Everyone has its own standard, the ideal body, ideal shoe size, ideal or beatiful face and even ideal boyfriend or husband. These idealistic approach in life had become the norm that separate us from what our real purpose and His ideals are.  In actuality we are created uniquely thus living in the way we are molded because we each have our own path to take.  A blind man for instance may not be able to see but he has the voice of an angel.  A beautiful face may hide unsurfaced character beneath.  We shouldn’t judge a person by physical appearance rather the attitude that was hidden underneath.

Stop comparing yourself to others, the best way to live today is to be better than who you were yesterday. Run your own race, please Him and not the people around you. 

This is a lesson and a lecture i learned for today:)