** the forbidden question

There are some questions that we hesitate to answer for it may affect our ego or something that we just don’t want to share about for someone might question our personality upon knowing it.

There is someone who once asked me if I am married. Btw this someone is already married and a person like me is so easy to talk to especially personal questions coz I just answer without hesitation, only for some questions. So there goes me, saying nope not married yet. A follow-up question has then been raised if whether I am committed and is planning to be wedded soon, so I answer “secret”, but anyway I plainly said after nope not committed at all. He then asked if our culture has any arranged marriage but no is my answer, and then i answered that unfortunately i was the only single in my family having 3 of my sisters and 1 brother been settled, thus my mother keep pressuring me. I then thought to myself that what if in our culture there is such thing as arranged marriage, will it work for me, for sure i would be a candidate on such since i was left to be the only single lady in our family. It occurred to me that the more they see other people getting married, the more they keep pushing you to be married. It’s not that I don’t want to, actually I would have love to, but guys I like don’t seem to like me at all, sad right but seems to be the truth. Maybe Mr. Cupid haven’t shoot an arrow to those guys i like, stupid cupid indeed. The right time will come soon, I know it will, still have the time though, but I’m counting my days or even years (sigh). Anyway there are a lot of things to think and worry about, and it’s one of those (sigh again)..

They said that it will just come in the right time but a friend of mine and I always said when would probably be the right time, it’s not that we are in a hurry but actually we should be, hehe. Life is too beautiful to worry on things but these things we just can’t hide and most probably question our personality.


** playing with words from a to e

An endless road.
A struggle to be upright
A misleading direction

It may be a lifetime journey

Being patient
Being positive
Being optimistic

Will greatly help though


May be a great combination


Should always beĀ  a big no-no

Exerting effort
Effective ideas
Efficient process

Will be of great experience