** gloomy day


A day so gloomy
Wishing somehow that it would be bloomy
Thinking of my friends
And hope problems we make amends
They may not understand
The situation where I stand
Their support is what i want
My reason may not be so blatant
But they showed me displeasure
Without any doubt or measure
Their action left me with no option
But to tell them upfront my decision
For that I lay down a secret
Which i really promised to be kept
I just hope that they tell no one
I still thank God for there is this someone
Whom i can tell everything i’m feeling
Because for me their reaction is displeasing
It made me feel they are so controlling
In life we can share things at the right timing
The friends whom i thought i can rely
Are the first to question me
They invited their own reasons
Without them giving me the benefit of the doubt
I thought they could understand what I’ve been through
Their attitude contributes to my sorrow
I thank you Lord
For you are my sword
My redeemer and my deliverer
You lead me to the right person
You guide me to the right reason
So i can make the right decision…


** Ongoing thoughts

I may not have gone to places I dream
Nor swim to the deepest oceans and streams
Or eat my favorite dessert or ice creams
Or live in a fancy house I have ever dream
Or be with the person I wanted to claim

But I have considered everyday a blessing
Even if the world is changing
With hundreds of reasons we stop believing
However there’s gonna be thousands to keep us going
Thus we should not count the suffering
Instead the chances to keep us living