** dream in a dream

have you ever dreamt in your dream?
i just have my scariest dream. dreaming of a doomsday should be one of the most scariest dream. i was just standing in my dream in an early night time when all of a sudden stars disappear in the sky, daylight enveloped the sky. I have heard that nighttime will not to be experienced. Suddenly big giant waves began to come accross my way.. then i woke up in the dream i dream..

What could that dream tell me? What does it mean? Some dreams is an indication of something, be it the exact or opposite meaning of it. Some is a continuation of what your mind is thinking before you wander into dreamland. I might not know what it means but for me it is an indication that life here on earth is a temporary thing. We should not be fond and lure the earthly things and it is never too late to recognize Him as our King and Savior..


** lead me Lord

i’ve wander through my life
battled every trials
healed every pains
surpass every sacrifices
but in every battle
it makes me wonder which way i go
to whom i live for
i may have pass every road
but still i don’t know where to go
where would the end of the road will lead me to
i will never know if i never fought this
i am just asking for hope in every trials
enjoyment in every adventure
the will to go on
happiness along the way
i may be alone in all this
lead me Lord..