** fantasy or reality (try lang)

sometimes i just can’t deny my feelings for you
but i just have to stop and let go
to spare myself from falling for you

in reality it was not easy
so i say i’d rather live in fantasy
to be able to know and be with you
to be loved and cared by you

it may be hard to explain
too difficult to expound
a word without meaning
that is what i am feeling

no words can ever describe
of how much of the confusion i felt
driven by to go or let go
but i am just a coward with nothing to do

except express these things in a
form of sentence
i may not be a poet
that can explicitly write words
nor a singer that can compose song

i am just me who knows nothing
but smile and hide everything
this i know that my heart is put into testing
from you who shows me nothing, without the feeling


** my inspiration my mother

everyone is striving for the betterment
to reach the goal of fulfillment
even if we have our own sentiments

with every passing day
i thank God and just be happy
even if i still want to go back on those old days where I most play

i just think of my inspiration
i am her precious creation
we don’t have just special relation

because she’s my dearest mother
i may have no more father
but she’s my great defender

i may not see it as my obligation
i just find her as my great inspiration
and seeing her fine, healthy and hapy is more than enough

i wish to give her more than that
whenever i feel weary and sad
i just have to call her and that would make my day