**another year of blessing is coming

When I was young, I would like to grow old because I want to wash clothes, wash the dishes and other stuffs that older people do. It’s been a journey through tough times, happy experiences that made me who I am today. I know that I am not a capable person but because of Him, He gave me people who cares and love me and guides eveytime I needed their guidance and direction.

I still could remember when I first went outside Cebu, which basically was Manila for just one day, I was 22 years old then and is not a travel geek. I have with me good words from my previous boss on what’s not and what should be watchful for in that very big and busy street. I was excited but very nervous because I was all alone for my visa interview. I was so petite, young and innocent dressed in business suit just to hide the youngness in my face. I was so happy when I got my US visa approved and really thank God for that blessing. I have with me my return ticket to Cebu on that same day, I could witness blessings poured on me that day for I am able to witness angry drivers and am thankful that I am safe. I arrived a bit late in the airport since I don’t know where the airport but thank God that the flight has been a delayed because of a typhoon and most importantly, I arrived home safely in Cebu even though no flight has been declared after we arrived because of the strong typhoon.

He watched us and throw help whenever we need it. He knows our strength thus he will never give trials that we can’t handle. He cries whenever we are in pain or in sorrow. He is happy whenever we put a smile on our face. He is always there and never leave us. We may not have noticed Him but looking back in every small and big experiences and events in our life, He works wonders in those moment only Him can do. As we age we wanted to stop counting, this I couldn’t even understand why. It is more worthy to count our blessings than our age.

Thank you Lord for another year of blessing, happiness and experience!!


** hidden thoughts

i felt the coldness in the wind
the frown i want to bend
the wound i want to mend
hope it will not last til eternity
the signs of vulgarity
else I’ll just have to hide in animosity

words are put into hidden
with deeper meaning it has been laden
with what is happening, hope it’s not a bad omen
some find it anew
but good is what has been considered by few
and others they can’t even chew

just can’t help but see
the clarity has appeared unto me
and it cannot be hidden even on a tall tree
just a feeling of sensitivity
as if i was pulled by a gravity
on the events i felt the connectivity

was left with only but hope
a glimpse of the solution i can grope
thinking of this but to elope
and hide from misery
so to escape from this adversity
and sigh and wake up only to find that it is reality….