** everything will be alright

in hard and bad times
just tell yourself everything will be alright
a quote from the bible, if you are slapped at the right side of your face
turn your left and let him slap it as well
do not put revenge in your life
do not be angered by people who cause you hurt
just remember that they are just humans
if you inflict pain onto others, you are of no difference to people of who have hurt you
there are a lot of reasons to smile and laugh
putting anger in your life will cause you pain and hatred
by then you will not learn to forgive and forget
and it would be difficult to love any person for that matter
i’m writing this to remind myself
that life is from Him and the way you respond to people is the same respond you gave to Him
there is always sunshine after the rain and indeed there is

on a side note, today’s the second death anniversary of a dear friend
i remember this week that we shed a tear monitoring our friends health
in the end she did not won the battle
but the battle she’d lost here, i know she still won for she was in God’s hand
she’s missed and loved
I thank God for the life she have shared with us
I thank God for letting me know a person who cared me like a dear friend does
The face will be remembered and loved always (Jang)


** my first few blogs – via multiply last February 28, 2008, another few attempts

tic tac tic tac
clock’s ticking
music’s playing
somebody’s snoring
you could almost hear everything

on a moonlit night
the beat is right
as if you are in a fight
with stranger’s holding their fist so tight

tic tac tic tac
yes the clock’s ticking
coz everyone’s sleeping
it seems as if their day was so tiring
for tomorrow is another day we may be facing

** my first few blogs – via multiply last February 28, 2008

I was born in a family of 5 girls and 1 boy, that 1 girl now is in heaven for sure, she died at an early age, she was of my age now when she died. She’s the most motivated person in our family and losing her shook our whole life. I never knew how important life is until my father was brought to the hospital just recently. At first I thought it was not so serious coz I did not even mind it (bad me). I was at lost when I see him in the hospital with no progress at all, so we decided to transfer him to another hospital, then I realize pity are those patients that were still there; bad service, no new equipment (worst, no equipment at all) and expensive bill (for me). He had surpassed the operation (whew, kulbaan pud ko gamay, but I know he can make it), the doctor needs to repair his fractured bones.

Life is never easy when you’ve lost someone who’ve been a part of your life (this i could say is the most difficult obstacle in life that one could ever experience), I’ve been there , the adjustment period and acceptance is never that easy to face. Everything in our life is a learning experience and those experiences teach us how to be strong and to face life with eagerness and determination. The best thing to do is to accept what comes on our way.

** famine in Somalia

As time gets rough we complain of almost everything. Our job, our body and even our family. Little and small things we tend to complain about but little did we know that there are a lot of children and adults died from hunger in some other parts of the world. I come accross with heartbreaking photos of hungry Somalian children.

Let us show the world that we care even though we’re miles apart from those children, our generosity and help will surely help a long way… May the famine in Somalia end and may those children will have something on their plate everyday.