** remembering my sister…

It has been 5 years and 8 months since my sister’s death, i could still remember those days wherein i walk home imagining my sister’s painful journey through life. She has been diagnosed with cancer at an early age of 24, so young that i still couln’t imagine what she’s gone through. During those times I never would like to go home for I don’t want to see her in such painful situation.

Everytime I went home, I put up a big smile on my face to hide my sorrow. I prepared jokes just to see her laughing face and make sure that I got something with me be it food or anything that could ease pain and put a little smile on her face. Seeing her bedridden and fighting the battle pains us her family.

We were classmates from grade school and high school and never been that closed until the day I knew of her sickness. She was two years older than I do, but since we were classmates we were thought of fraternal twins simply because we’re sisters. She was more beautiful than I do and I have to accept it. Her birthday is 12 days earlier than mine, she’s a home buddy while I, a playful type. I spent my days outside home playing while she stays home, studying and cleaning the house. She’s good at doing home chores while I cry when any of my older sisters asked me to wash dishes. She was petite, beautiful and white while I was an ugly duckling. We were the exact opposite, I was even mistaken of not my mother’s daughter because of my skin color. I admire my sister but at times I don’t like her being too perfect, for it made me a no good, then I realized that there always will be a sibling rivalry; but we were not the type that quarrels at all time.

We were classmates but we’re not in a circle of friends, she has her set of friends while I do have mine as well. During those difficult times, I have been a witness of “blood is thicker than water”, as your family will always be your source of strength. I still could remember how she asked our priest, why have she gotten the sickness when she’s a good person, she went to school, work and went home. I couldn’t stop my tears when the priest had it as a sermon during her burial.

During those days, she told me what her dreams were; and it serve as my inspiration in my everyday life. Her perseverance is my strength while her eagerness, my determination. I’m still thankful, for despite the pain she has gone through, her suffering was made not for long because God put a stop to his suffering after 3 months of battling.

As I move forward with my life, I always look back and was thankful for the days I have spent with her. There has been a part of me that was her which I was grateful for because it reminds me that I have once a sister who look up every opportunity in life and work not to give a better her but the best of her.


** The Ouran High School Host Club Review

A lonely Saturday hit me when I was surfing on favorite songs and there I began browsing on “At the Beginning” a soundtrack of the movie Anastacia. One of the video I saw is that of Ouran High School Host Club which I found it quite nice to watch. I am really not into anime but I was a bit interested since I like the song so well. The story is quite simple but I like to watch the cartoon expression that’s why i was kinda hooked unto it.

The story is about a high school host club with 6 guy members and 1 girl who they let her pretend to be a guy. The reason why she doing it is because she broke a vase that cost so much she couldn’t even pay and left her with no choice but to join the said club. The host club as they say is a famous school club as the members are good looking rich and famous guys from their school. The girl whose name was Haruhi pretend to be a guy and was likened by girls as she look handsome with his/her cute face. Members of the club were all hooked up to Haruhi that their leader Tamaki fell in love with her. Each episode shows how they enjoy their club events and how each member lived up to being a high class profile person yet has inspiring and interesting story.