** wandering thoughts

days have passed
hellos are now goodbyes
words seem hopeless and meaningless
seeing an empty seat
everytime i pass by
hoping you come and greet with a smile
but it seems like nothing
that keeps me dreaming
dreaming in an endless road
but oppositely i felt the load
of emptiness and sadness
as days come along so slowly
waiting it to stop
and put the focus on me
but i was extremely the exact opposite
who never wanted the world to recognize
i just wanted to make a difference but never be in the limelight
my thoughts are wandering
thinking of him and all these things
i put my thoughts into words but i doubt in action
i even say to myself i’m coward
but a big part of me say i should lay my card
nevertheless i am someone to be proud
thinking of this to myself as a reward
for they say my life is hard
but hey everything is part of reality
we’d rather be happy and not sad
for eveything is part of His plans in our life
wait and He shall help us in our strife