** happy birthday to a dear friend

happy birthday to a friend so dear
tomorrow is your birthday
you may have passed but your memories are truly missed and cherished
you are one of a kind friend
i am thankful to have known you
you’re a gift who comforts when we’re down
you hear every word said
you comment with no regret because you want what’s best for a friend
wherever you are, eternal life and happiness is what i wished for in the hands of our Almighty
Happy Birthday Jang!!!


** pagbati / feelings

out of curiousity, i tried to write a poem in my very own dialect and didn’t realize i think i write it nicely:)

niagi ko sa imong kiliran ug nipahiyum ka.
Nahibung jud ko kai daw pirmi mang magdali ka
pero ngano man gud na magparamdam pa man ka
kung naa na man diay kay hinigugma.
sakit batiun kining kasingkasing
daw pirmi gasubo tungod sa akong lawm na pagbati
ug ako mamalandong ug daw tan-aw mo pirmi ra kong ga tingsi
pero sa tinud-anay gadugo na diay ning akong gibati
kay tungud sa akong gugma sa imo nalibog kog pwede ba or dili
gisuwayan kog pugong akong pagbati
pero ngano man gud nga ikaw may gipili
para nako pwede ra man
apan nganong paminaw nako dli man
usahay maka pangutana ko sa akong kaugalingon
bati ba diay kog nawng ug nganong dli ikaw mupadayon
unsa kahay apan ko para akong hulipon ug alang lang kanimo

** a reflection 2

a night so cold
pondering on thoughts and put them on hold
some memories to myself i told
paths are getting clear and bold
before i want to have silver and gold
but as dreams began to unfold
visions began clearer thus i started myself to scold
for our life’s purpose is in Him we shall be mold

for i came from a very far land
in my place we always hit the beach and sand
in here we shall be thankful for our work at hand
for this is not our native land
and in this far place we recognize and in Him we all stand
and began to realize that in Him we are already fond

life is too funny at times
and we all began to play reality or in mimes
in a far land we seem to save each dime
at home we tend to neglect Him for sometime
but in here He is our strength and salvation at all times

we began to search for the star in a gloomy night
but we only saw shimmering brightness in the street light
we shall never search far for the answer is just in sight
and that is Him who gives our life meaning and bright