** an inspiration

imagine this, you have your own daughter/son but you gave him to save the many.
this is what God has done to us, he gave his own son Jesus to save the lost and the sinners
we may complain of the trials we faced in life but we should remember that our experiences cannot be compared to what Jesus sufferred on earth to the hands of His creation
But even if He sufferred, His goodness cannot be measured for in times that we’re lost and down, He is willing to pick us up
Sometimes people may curse Him for things that had happened but He never look at that moment of cursing, instead He look at us with goodness as His children.

God is good that He gave His only son. Jesus sufferred on the cross at the hands of His creation to save all of us. What more can we ask for, we must thank Him with all our hearts…

Happy Easter!!!


** mixed feelings

i thought i’m tough
and tried to work things my way
i thought i’m confident
and never felt nervous
i thought i know myself
and know how to accept and handle things
but thoughts are just thoughts
we may be confident but we can also feel coward
we may be tough but we can also feel weak
especially if your heart rule more than your mind
i know you’re not mine
but i just want to drop by and say hi
i don’t know how to say
i don’t know how to show
but i hope you can see it in my eyes
i don’t know what to do when my heart is in rule
i felt tired of myself and don’t know how to express
never know where to go for I don’t know where you are
i hope i can find you and feel you
one day some day
whoever you are
he who is not afraid to converse
he who is happy and open
and he who love and is afraid of God