** a prayer to remember

Today I am asking God to teach me to be thankful in every blessings I received, to give me more patient and understanding for the people around me. In times that I may be rude, I should always remember that life is too good for me, I have a job that help me sustain my daily living and at the same time I was able to extend help to my family. I should be thankful for I am living my life with happy face and with a God who is always there to watch over and help me in times I need Him the most. I should not compare myself to other people for it can cause jealousy and anger in my heart and life. I should not condemn difficult times for it molded me to become a better me. I should not condemn people for they are also humans who have a heart that may hurt and a life that hopes. In times of anger, I shall always remember that even Him can forget and forgive, how much more I as a person who owns nothing but a borrowed life. I shall always put a smile on my face for life is a gift to be thankful for. I am not a perfect person, a sinner that may stumble and fall at times and hurt other people’s feeling that’s why I ask His guidance in everything I do, utter and work for and guidance to the place and person He wants me to be. A simple prayer for a better me:)

To the words I utter and hurt some person, I am truly sorry, with this i learn to understand instead of complain for it can rise up my temper:(