** a song of ‘grace’

A friend of mine introduce this song “Grace” sang by Laura Story, at first it was like some other songs with a very soothing melody.  I’ve had my ear to it and listen carefully digesting every lyrics, then it struck me, I said to myself, it was indeed a very nice song, with a very nice message.  Just take time to listen and you would truly appreciate.  It has been days that I keep on singing the song, had almost memorize the lyrics.  The message is simply Him, being always there for us even if we keep on disobeying his words, Him always loving and giving us despite of our every actions and failures in life.  A youtube link below of the song…

Grace by Laura Story

** i wish i will win the toto :D

Afternoon of today, I received an ang pow from my boss.  It never occurred to me what’s inside, so we all open it up and we saw the toto ticket, a big grin is what I showed when I saw it wishing I will win.  It was indeed a very good ang pow, nobody can ever thought of giving that and take note all of us from IT received that, nice one indeed.  My mind wander and invited a thought, what if I won, wow I can buy a house, feed some needy children and give something to the poor in our country.  Hmmmm, I wake up in reality and realize that the draw is in March, thus need to wait for a few more days.  With that in mind a messaged in the networking site, i wish i will win the toto:D

Will I, we’ll see Open-mouthed smile

** the ever growing social networking site

I have been disoriented with the ever growing facebook and since I was, I tried to open it up using my laptop. I was so impatiently opening the site since my connection is so slow.  Suddenly I scanned over friends of friends, opening then I suddenly click block this person, shocks my eyes grow wide I don’t know what to do, good thing there is a pop-up before it will completely block the person.  Whew, I’m sweating, my heart’s pounding, as in shock occurred to me and even said what did I do???  Lesson learned, be patient, don’t open too much and I sure will never do it again.

Still from facebook, I’ve had this private message from a stranger lately asking of my ym, he said he’s a doctor in the US looking for a wife.  Before I answered his message, I searched via said networking site of his name, and voila, he had like more or less 6 accounts having the same name and there goes the curious me.  I replied to his message saying I’m not looking for a long distance relationship/partner, and am asking how’s being a doctor just to start the conversation which I doubt he would answer.  I am really not into answering those messages for I know seldom are those people who are honest with what they wrote specially of that site where scammers are mostly peeping, thus I shared it to my friends and a friend told me that there has been a scam lately in Malaysia from facebook as well pertaining to a doctor looking for a wife, he not only promise marriage to the lady but never even come back after being bailed for a case.  Good thing, I was educated with that information, thus never answered him again.

I am also wondering why people keeps on inviting people they don’t even know, oh well I’m not against it but just for practicality’s sake, we should know who we are friends in facebook with, at least we see them in person.  This is just my two cents of the ever growing social networking site, I know that there are more people who have experienced worst.

a blessed homecoming

It was 16th of January when I went home to Cebu, not just for one reason but more to it. It was my father’s 1st year death anniversary on the 19th and my sister’s wedding on the 22nd, a very busy week. I was able to have a look at the busy street dancing for the Sinulog however tiredness occured to me more than my eagerness, so I decided to go home before it even started. During my sister’s wedding, I am the maid of honor and literally speaking I was the maid of the event and just how I know how it felt to be busy on the wedding celebration, but uh oh not my wedding. Rain started to pour after the wedding and it never stop even on the day I went back to Singapore, 26th of January. Rain pours with wind blowing so hard, flood occured to some parts of Cebu, even experienced a lot of turbulence on the plane while on my way back to SG. Though weather was kinda not good but the events have been successful and I even have a short bonding with my longtime college friends. It’s all because of our Savior, he makes all things possible even inthe midst of dufficulty and trials, believe and it will happen:) a picture of me as a maid of honor during my sister’s wedding.