I’ve had a bite of my favorite Hawaiian pizza. I’ve been wanting and craving for it for how many months and at long last I’ve had a taste of it. I was able to finished four big slices with sparkling green apple as my drinks. Yummy bite with my friends, it feels so good and so filling, what a great day 🙂



Birds in our area eating bread on our walkway, they are not afraid of humans, I think it’s because they’re used to it. They don’t care if there are people passing as long as they can eat the grains…

I call it My Day :)

Some people wish for a grand celebration
Others for fancy restaurant
Beautiful flowers, chocolates and all nice things
But for me I wish for a simple yet enjoyable birthday with the people who can make me laugh the most
To the people whom I can talk to a lot
Gifts may mean less but greeting would truly mean a lot
A simple celebration would do like this one below, wehehe 🙂

People may be asking, is it 24th or the 28th, doesn’t matter, as long as you remember, that would be enough for me. For the people who extended their greetings, eatings, smiles and laughters, you all really made my day. Tenchu!!!