My inspirational quotes

Cry over things, it’s okay.
Nag on something but not on everything, for changes is life’s spices. It make us stop, it make us go.
Live not to be empty for it is your soul’s food.
Be happy coz it’s a choice.
Express yourself but not much, leave something for yourself to ponder and hold on.
In short turn every pages of your life, be it happy or sad, that’s what life is.
But don’t you ever stop in just one chapter, instead continue or go on with the next…


my first carbonara experience

i am not a cook
i remembered it well
when i was 12 years old perhaps when i first cooked
my sisters had no choice since they all went out
they let me cook ‘ginataang monggo’
it turns out the mongo dried up since i went out playing
my neighbor’s calling at me and since then when we met up he will always call me ‘paig’
not because of my skin color but because of how i cook monggo

i am a lover of food
i cannot skip a meal, i must have three times meal a day
even on how small it is for as long as i could put something on my tummy
it’s not that i want it but it’s because my tummy will crave for it.

i am a rice or carbo eater
i cannot eat a meal without it, i would feel as if I lost energy
living a life away from my family
means cooking my own food

though I may not be a good cook
but I am able to cook food every morning
Today i decided to cook carbonara
My first time and I just rely on mr google
it’s everyone’s tutor by the way
i followed every step of it, including the ingredients needed
It may not be complete
but i was able to cook it the way it should be

it just turns out that it was not the food
that my taste bud has been wanting and craving for
anyways need to eat up 1 tupperware of it
and indeed I am really filled up at this writing

It may not be what I wanted
but thank you Lord for the food, hope that every child will have something to eat today….