i’ve had a bad day

A day after National Singapore day when I’ve had such a memorable experience.
Not because I’ve met my crush or receive something from him.
Not because I’ve had a very sumptuous breakfast.
But simply because I woke up very late, bump my head on the shower and fell off the stairs.
After falling off the stairs, I sat down because of pain and there were two people passing by, wondering what I’ve been doing which I don’t care what they really are thinking during that time. I’ve regained my composure, stand up and walk back to our house, not because I don’t want to go to work but just to change my heels to a shoe.
So I headed to our office, ride the mrt and slowly walk since I could still feel the pain in my foot, it was just a tolerable pain actually, so I thought.
I’ve told my experience to my officemates, they were just laughing maybe because of how I told the story with such details.
My officemate even joke at me to get a wheelchair instead, he was acting up using his chair and as if teaching me how to drive it, then we’re all laughing.
Afternoon came when the pain caught me and I decided to have it checked.
I waited for almost 3-4 hours, from queeing, doctor checkup, xray procedure, doctor checkup again.
I was checked by a young doctor, he asked me, “Is this your first time to have a checkup in this hospital?”, I don’t know how to answer, and so I say, “I worked upstairs”, which is the same hospital he’s in.
I even saw my officemates from different department asking why I’m there, I just simply said I’ve had an injury, weee, so embarassing but it’s okay it’s alright, as long as I don’t have a broken bones 😀

Lesson learned, take it slow, don’t be in a hurry. Bad luck is only created by humans, instead, turn to him and ask for guidance.


— a day at home

I was expecting a call from a user at around 10 to 11 in the morning to work on a problem she had encountered.
I was hesitant to help her but I felt the urge to help since she’s so pitiful upon hearing her frustration of the issue that she encountered and that it is indeed a system bug or issue.
T’was 3pm in the afternoon of my Saturday weekend when she called. Sad but I need to work since the patient is expecting her bill to arrive on that day.
Her voice so lively but gloomy.
I’ve prepared the scripts, hesitant again but I need to be honest with her that I am not sure of my data fixing.
After so many talks, i decided to give her a return call instead since I need to do another preparation as my script is incorrect.
Part of my instruction is that I am not sure of my fix and our test server is down thus no way for me to test as to how feasible it was; and we need to do a first hand testing before implementing everything.
Indeed she gladly agreed to it, so we found out that it is indeed really not feasible.
She asks me if I have any plans of my weekend and I said yes which is true.
She then decided to continue with it next week since we both don’t want to ruin our long weekend.

People with such attitude is inspiring, sensitive of the feelings towards others. It makes me feel happy that even though I felt sad of not knowing the solution, there are still people who truly understand and appreciate the time you’ve spent 😀

I’ve lost 1 day of my long weekend but truly happy of knowing good people. T’would still be a long weekend ahead, Happy National Day Singapore!!!