New presidency, New Hopes, New Pinas

Last May 10, 2010, many had casted their votes for our country’s future. I am just one of those few people who weren’t able to cast since I was not registered. Our new declared president Noynoy Aquino seems to be a humble down to earth man. A lot of visible reasons, for one he did not stay at the President’s Palace for it is too big for a single President. Many had surrendered their wangwang since the President himself did not use even with such a rank, thus he is doing by example. A wangwang is a car accessory use by people to indicate emergency, commonly used by ambulance and police cars. Many actors and actresses believed in him, be it kapuso or kapamilya, indeed it is evident during his inauguration. I do believe that he can make a better and brighter Philippines so long as their are people who believe and support him. We as Filipinos should stand and do our part as a citizen for a President would be useless if nobody would believed in him. There would never be a perfect President, there would always be flaws along the way and we must be open to these possibilities, and instead we must hand in hand put our unity on him.



Everyday we experienced different events in our lives that could make us or break us. We almost always recognize negative things first for it may be the most visible event in a man’s life. We cry over things that had happened in an instant but failed to recognize the things or happenings that molded and or changes our lives for the betterment. We cry over people that left us but failed to consider that we should be thankful that we’ve known them. We ponder on problems but never counted the blessings. We murmur on our workloads but never thought that there are a lot of people who are jobless. We tend to be gluttoned and haven’t thought that there are children who are in deep hunger and thirst. We cry on our failures and tend to forgot that somehow we’ve been successful. We mourned over people who are in pain and have left us but failed to be thankful that somehow their pains has been removed. We murmur over hot humid days and failed to say thank you for our clothes have dried up somehow. We have a lot of complaints but tend to forgot that there are more things to be thankful for. Each one of us is a blessing that the world had waited for. We have the choice to be happy or not.

Thoughts that has been extracted upon reading a chapter of the book, You Are The Greatest Miracle in the World….