the tiring yoga experience

It was tuesday night, April 27, 2010, when my friends and I decided to go to a free trial yoga.  According to Mr Wikipedia, it is a means of realizing the unity of mind-body-soul.  I was like excited and decided to try it and have my first healthy experience of it.   As far as my friends told me, it is really a refreshing and a healthy way of releasing body toxins because you get to sweat out a lot; and there you go the unhealthy me has been convinced.  T’was 6:30 when we get out of our office and off we went to Orchard Station where the yoga class is; it will start at around 7:30 accordingly but since we are too excited to try it out, then we decided to be a bit early.  Indeed Ating, Glenda and I were able to get to the place at 7:00, there was like a little talk from Glenda’s friends who happen to be one of the sales in said class.  The class started at exactly 7:30 pm in a four wall room with a mirror right in front of us having a 45 degree celcius temperature, too hot for a normal body temp.  I was startled but calm, there were about 26 acrobatic actions as I see it right in front of us.  At first, I thought it to be easy but as the actions/stunts increases, I sweat out more and get dizzy.  Right on the 5th stunt I felt really dizzy that I decided to just sit down and relax a bit; i could hear my heart beat so fast and felt that my world is turning round and round.  On the 15th stunt, I decided to go with the other people and there you go I was able to finish all of it.  After the yoga session, we have a chitchat with Glenda’s friends and I was like exhausted and felt sleepy that they could even see it how I feel, they were both explaining but I was not listening.   On our way home, the dizzy me vomitted near the MRT station; shameful but good thing I had with me my towel where the vomit was.  Upon reaching home, i directly go to sleep without changing except my wet shirt.   From then on, I decided not to go to a HOT yoga class again even if it’s for FREE, maybe it’s not for me, that my body can’t take the temperature while doing the excerise 🙂  Good exercise though, first I ever sweat out a lot like that….