thank you…

it may be too late to say
it may be too late to realized
thank you for being so proud of me
thank you for giving me life
i may not be the best daughter you have
and never showed and let you feel the best care
sorry for being so rude and stupid at times
as what i have said before “i don’t care what other people say, just to let let you know that we always thought of you”
but thank you for letting me release my anger
and have it replaced with the care i should have showed to you before
God is so good
there is always an end to a suffering
from war to become peace
from hate to be replaced with care and love
we may have not showed it to you before
but we hope that it was not too late either
we will miss you and wherever you go
we are always here for you as your family
we will be the dream that you want to come true
be the success that you aimed to
i may not be there for you when you bid goodbye
but my care will be there for you
you will serve as my inspiration
thank you Pa for showing me and letting me dreamed in this world
wherever you go i know that you will always look at us
thank you…..