i watched 2012.

It was Friday the 13th of November 2009, my officemates including our lady boss hurried to go out of the office because of one reason, we will be watching 2012 movie. I was like hesitant to watch it because even before the movie came out, I was already watching a clip from youtube about the 2012 predictions. Prediction was scary as it was since a lot prophecy and scientific explanation lead to the 2012. According to the clips, there will be a polar shift wherein countries before that are colder will now be warmer and the other way around.

Though scary but the movie was worth watching, in the end they build this big boat or submarine where people from different races who’ve survived from the tragedy gather and get into that boat and finally human race has been saved. The movie lasted for 2 hours plus, I was sitting in the movie house screaming and at times shouting, hehe, but enjoying.

Afraid or not, we shall be prepared for whatever circumstances our world will gonna face be it in 2012 or the years to come.