missing my friend…

I will surely miss the girl i’ve shared laughters and quarrels with.
A person who knows all my secrets and my pains.
My problems and my sorrows.
I’ve shown her the best and worst in me.
She is one of my best friend.
We’ve shared plans and dreams.
I know her best and her worst.
Things may happen so fast.
We were even shock on the news.
Whatever experiences we/I have with you.
So thankful to be one of your friend.
A friend you’ve treasured through the years.
Even though I was a headache and a burden at times.
But you’ve trusted me to be one of your best of friend.
Sorry for the times that I treated you so bad,
It is because I am just too concern to you and your health as welll
You may have leave us
But you will always remain in our/my heart forever.
Thank you my dear friend.
I/We will miss you jang!!!!