In every arguments and interrogations

Differences and similarities

Friendship grows stronger as days comes along


just a hum in the night…

Busy streets and lights
Black crows in the lonely streets across
Fast pace trains and busses
Active people and lifestyles

Frowns and smiles along the way
Hearing chit chats every hiway
Walking before the narrow road
It seems like a day full of load

Nights so late
But morning comes so early
Walking along the mildews
of early morning dews

The air so clean yet so humid
The day so bright but rain comes so easily
People’s rushing
Every day they are going

Girls’ so thin and white
Fashionably elegant and so conscious
Guys’ so formal and gorgeous
But some are stout and others are flimsy

Work so heavy and tiring
But after the day so hard you are playing
At night the body is aching
Rest you must and should already be sleeping….