here it goes…

Programmer is my first job at A. I was 20 years old when I first came to A company, turning 21, 13 days after. A few months passed, I decided to quit, but I realize that the best lesson ever learned is experience. Every thing that comes your way has a lesson to learn, what you need to do is make the most out of it, give your best shot and everything will be fine. Indeed it was true; I never regret that I work at A. The lessons I’ve learned makes me a better person not just in my career life but my personal life as well. It makes me stronger and better person specially when handling problems in life. I just hope that they will reach the contentment and the learning that I have achieved in the company. I am not quitting, I am just opening another door in my life.



23 days to go.  Counting as to the number of days I will be leaving the Philippines.  Excited but a bit scared.  We’ll, I always believe in the saying “No guts, no glory”, so even though I’m scared I will never know how it feels if I’m not going to try it.  So this is it, I’m excited because I will be with my friends who I have shared lots of experiences for more than 4-12 years. We’ve enjoyed a lot during those years and now we’ll be together again. I’m really scared, but who cares, I will generally do it, life is so short, I should enjoy whatever is in store for me and yes achieve my dreams if I have one 🙂 

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa, so help me GOD 🙂

a new chapter…

It has been 4 years and 8 months that I have worked with my first job.  The job which I learned to treasure for how many years and months.  I have learned a lot of things, from being an innocent petite girl to a lady.  Experienced sadness, happiness and well let’s just say a little of suffering in life.  It has been a witness to how I grow up from a shy young lad to a mature grown up. 

I loved and will always treasure the times I have with the company.  The people will always be in my heart wherever I go.  As days nearing to my last day with the company, the memories came back to me from the time I started, to the laughing and eating times and to the learning times that my mentor/s were giving me.  It was a tough job, a very tough one, it makes me strong not just in my career life but in my personal life as well.  I now know how to handle pressure, schedule my own time, respect everyone in the team and being responsible in everything I do.  I learned all of that packed in just 4 years plus.  Thus, I will never regret the times I have shared with the company. 

And now that I will be stepping a new chapter of my life, success in whatever paths I take is what I wished, combining fun and adventure while making a career of my own.  This may be the end of my first job but is the beginning of me entering to the real world where I will be driving my own life. 

To all who have helped and nurture me in that first company, thank you and you will always be my inspiration in everything I do.